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The outcome of a gap year with Visitoz

It is not an easy environment; it can be tough, hot, dry, dusty, remote, hard-working and unforgiving. There may be many realities of rural life that are challenging and that may seem unpleasant to the uninitiated. But when adequately prepared most young people have the ability to gain a huge amount from such experiences.

Specific skills and experience in farming are the most obvious outcome, as well as all the unique experiences and adventure away from home that Australia has to offer. Visitoz also chooses to place emphasis on Australian rural work as being a work related personal development experience. Participation in our programme is known to have enhanced applications for employment in a wide range of careers.

The development of personal confidence, the ability to learn how to be useful in a new and sometimes harsh work place, personal resilience and an awareness of what it takes to be an effective team-worker in any environment are the lessons that you can expect to take away. These things have the potential to add value to any resume, and give profound, credible and lasting real world experience to the participant. Recruiters know the value of such attributes, and they know they are not easily gained.


The holiday part of your Visa will also make you a more experienced person, but in a different way. While traveling, you will meet people and see places that will influence your way of seeing the world. Discovering other cultures and way of thinking will probably change you for the better, making you more open-minded and accepting.