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On receipt of this form we will email you an information sheet and application form relevant to where you are in the world. It is important if you are already in Australia to give your home country address as well as the in Australia one.

**Note: When filling out this form, we do a geographical check of your location to ensure that the form is sent to the proper agent.

  • Your Information

  • If you chose "Other" in the previous question, please explain here.

  • Only if you already have an Australian mobile number.
  • Australian Admin Information

  • The arrival and induction normally starts on a Thursday. The training course starts on the following Monday. Please enter the date of the Monday you expect to start the training course.
  • Please note that you need to plan to arrive in Brisbane, Queensland, on a thursday morning to join the programme induction.
  • Please tell us if you know this already. If not yet known, please leave blank.
  • Emergency Contact Details

  • Profile Information

    We use the profile to get you a job and to introduce you to our employers. It is very important. Please take the time to give us the best answers you can. Please keep the information clear and factual and specific. It helps us greatly to know exactly what you have done, how long for, and what skills you have.
  • Please give their name(s)
  • e.g. 3 months, 6 months, as much as possible, with long holiday breaks between jobs, etc.
  • Just a simple summary. The highest level you have reached, favorite subjects or specialisms and other professional qualifications you have.
  • Please let us know what stage you are at. What future plans are or might be. Just a few key point is fine.
  • Please tell us about your highest level of education, and any special courses, certificates that you hold that may relate to outdoor work.
  • What animals have you worked with? For how long?
    Paid job / volunteering / family farm?
    Vet work or studies?
    What sort of duties did you perform? mustering, worming, dehorning, administering medication, injecting, shearing, milking
    What type of machines?
  • How many times/seasons/months/years/have you worked?
    Did you grow up on a crop farm?
    What brand (make) of tractors have you driven? (size/horsepower)
    What work have you done? what crops?
    What implements have you used ? front end loaders? seeders? ploughs? slashers? balers? mowers?
    Any advanced tractor work such as combine harvesters? contract work?
    Can you repair tractors and other agricultural machinery? please expand on your level of experience (basic/advanced)
    Any other machinery? e.g forklift? bull dozers? excavators? loader?
    Have you driven large vehicles? are you licenced? rigid trucks, semi trucks? how many tonnes?
    Any additional qualifications or certificates? licences?
  • How often have you ridden?
    What size motorbikes do you ride? e.g 150 cc
    Manual? Automatic?
    Scooters? Mopeds? Road bikes? Dirtbikes?
    Do you own your own motorbike?
    Do you compete in sporting events with them?
    Do you have experience in mechanical repairs? please expand on your level of experience basic/advanced?
    Any additional qualifications or certificates? licences?
  • For how many years have you been riding?
    Do you go to a riding school – daily, weekly, less often? has there been a gap in time since you last rode regularly?
    Can you saddle and bridle a horse?
    Have you worked at a riding stables or more professionally as stud groom? volunteer or paid career job?
    Are you used to feeding and caring for a horse, cleaning the stables, tacking up, washing down etc?
    Do you have your own horse/s? How long for?
    Have you worked/ or ridden/broken in young horses?
    Have you handled foals/stallions/brood mares?
    Have you been riding in competitions? what level? (local shows, high level)
    Have you been teaching riding to adults/children?
    Any dressage, show jumping, cross country, polo, eventing, endurance riding, racing, western riding experience? how much, how long, what have you done?
    Any additional qualifications or certificates?
  • It can be important for riding jobs.
  • Please tell us your level of experience in years/qualifications and work experience/jobs that you have had in : Farmer / Carpentry / Electrician / Forestry / Chainsaw / Fencing / Mechanic / Plumber / Butcher / Landscape Gardening / Gardening work / Brick laying / builder / Unskilled labour / Construction / Military / Welding / and other
  • Any sporting interest? Overseas volunteer work? Challenging/extreme activities or experiences?
    Camping? Hiking? Outdoor pursuits?
    Any first aid certificate?
    Any other useful qualifications or practical skills?
  • Have you got experience and/or qualifications in the following
    Restaurant/Bar/Hotel/Reception work,
    Cooking for family basic 6-10 people? restaurant kitchen?
    Cleaning home or job?
    Please expand in detail on what you job duties included/how long for/unpaid or professional
  • Please include any conditions that have required medical advice/treatment, including depressions, anxiety, etc.
  • Important for us to know if we have to book any travel arrangements for you.
  • Payment

    I acknowledge that I will need to pay a AUD$500 deposit for the programme cost at the time of booking and acceptance to the programme. I understand that normal payment terms are to pay the the remaining balance due at least one month before joining the programme. I will pay these by credit card payment or bank transfer.

    (Visitoz will contact you by email and / or phone after receipt of this application to take the payment. We may take this over the phone, or by directing you to our secure online payment portal)

    On completion of my course I understand that I will be asked to pay for travel to my employer, and I will provide cash or card payment for this once the travel options and costs have been explained to me.

  • We will contact you with the relevant information and instructions to complete your payment.
  • Verify Information and Submit