The Programme


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The training course

Over the training week you will be taught about many aspects of the outback and farm safety, but also about what will be expected of you once you start your job.

Horse riding

You will learn to work with horses the ‘Australian way’

We show you how to handle horses on the ground, tack them up and stock ride in rural terrain that even experienced riders may not be used to

Motorbikes riding will be taught during the training courseMotorbikes

You will be shown how to operate a two-wheeler Ag motorbike in some challenging terrain. You will learn the basics of mechanical repair and what safety aspects to check for and prepare should you be heading to a job that involves using motorbikes in vast acreage

ChainsawYou will learn how to manipulate safely a chainsaw

You will learn how to maintain and operate a chainsaw safely. You will practice cutting logs, small trees, and shaping large fence posts for building later on in the week

Tractor driving

You will be taught general safety aspects about tractors, how to maintain them, how to drive them.  You will learn how to operate certain implements such as forks,buckets and possibly slashers and post hole diggers

FencingThere is a lot to learn about fencing

A full day is dedicated to fencing and ‘hard graft’. We will teach you how to do general fencing tasks, using wire, wood and steel pickets. You will be shown Australian techniques such as  ‘Cobb & Co’ or Queensland Hitch, tensioning, and other tricks using a ‘monkey’, wood and pliers.You will spend the day de-barking posts, digging holes and generally getting your hands dirty!


Riding a horse or a motorbike, you will spend a morning working as a team to muster cattle in to the yards for processing.

Yard work

You will then learn how to work with cattle to the yard in the most safe and efficient way. Our trainers will demonstrate the processes of branding, castrating and ear tagging in a real life environment.

More than just practical skillsBe ready to hear a lot of stories during the training course

Learning practical skills is very important, however we are very aware that teaching you the correct vocabulary regarding each activity is key to operating safely on a farm. Our aim is to prepare you and give you as many tools as we can to insure your ability to work properly once you reach your new job.

There will be a lot of talking during you training!

Our trainers will tell you many stories from their own personal experience to help you understand that working on a farm can potentially be very dangerous. As Australians who have been in this industry for many years they will be able to prepare you for the sort of people our employers are and the sort of hard work and commitment that the employers expect from you.

You will become what we like to call a Visitozzer : a young, trained and motivated worker willing to experience what outback Australia has to offer