The Programme

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Springbrook Farm

Springbrook is a 500 hectare cattle property comprising open grazing land and blue gum ridges. The owners run Droughtmaster Cattle. Fodder crops are grown and made into hay and silage for winter feed. There are also two olive groves you  can see from the house.


The homestead is a typical Queensland  farm house, affording comfortable accommodation with its 11 beds in the 3 bedrooms. The living room is filled with sofa to enjoy the fireplace or watch a movie with the rest of your group during the evenings.

There is also a spacious veranda where staff and participants share the meals prepared by our chef. You can see from it the swimming pool in front of the house with a large are which can be used for ball games, badminton and playing with the dogs!


During the training your group will be in charge of keeping the homestead clean and tidy. Cleaning after yourself and help with the little tasks in a house is essential when working on a farm. In many jobs you will be living with your employers and will be expected to pitch in like all other members of the family. Many employers want to know how participants behave in the household and whether they are able to look after themselves and be helpful around the house