About Visitoz

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What We Do

We have WORK for all those with Visas which allow work.

We have WORK EXPERIENCE for students and visitors.

Everyone who wants to have outback or rural work of any sort with Visitoz – working with horses, cattle and sheep, tractor and header/combine driving, bulldozer work, fencing, mechanical work, chainsaw work, horsework at stables, in trail riding centres, on Host Farms, with racehorses, polo ponies, camp draft horses or on cattle properties doing bore running, yard work, maintenance and ag bike work with cattle and sheep – must attend the Introduction to Agriculture Course at Springbrook Farm or one of the associate farms.

There are so many jobs that it is possible to find something to suit the skills of everybody BUT do not expect to be a tractor driver on the highest rate of pay after 4 lessons – nor assume that you can do an outback cattle mustering job on horseback if a non rider before the course.

Those who want Hospitality work – on Host Farms, in hotels and motels, bars and roadhouses will attend the Introduction to Agriculture course as all the work is in rural areas. It is sometimes possible to combine hospitality and horse riding work.

The First nine days comprise:

  1. Met on arrival at Brisbane Airport, the preferred arrival is Thursday morning.
  2. Transported to a hostel in central Brisbane
  3. Hostel accommodation is included for one night.
  4. Bus ticket to Rainbow Beach on Friday for three days to get over jet lag.
  5. Hostel accommodation is included for three nights.
  6. Bus ticket from Rainbow Beach to Gympie from where they are collected and brought to Goomeri – or, if a large group, our bus will collect at rainbow Beach.
  7. Lunch in a restaurant and shopping in Goomeri.
  8. Buy boots, long sleeved shirts, jeans, pocket knives, mobile phones, sim cards and phone cards, torches, adapters and buy alarm clocks and induction paperwork.
  9. Induction paperwork including opening a bank account, applying for a Medicare card if eligible, applying for a Tax File Number will have already been completed for you.
  10. Choose a t-shirt and an Aussie All-rounder broad brimmed hat and a water bottle.
  11. At this point participants are collected by their host farms for five nights.

Whilst on the host training farm
You will ride horses and agricultural motorbikes, work with cattle, drive and operate tractors, work with fencing and chain sawing skills and have some basic vehicle maintenance tuition. Farm and outback safety skills are also taught.

Do not book your flight until you have confirmation of course vacancy.

We have work for:

  • Mechanics and Engineers
  • Teachers and graduates
  • Cooks and Chefs
  • Tractor and Bulldozer drivers
  • Agricultural graduates and students
  • Anyone who has lived on a farm
  • Horse riders
  • Motorcycle riders
  • Carpenters and Joiners
  • Plumbers and Electricians
  • Builders and Construction labourers
  • Veterinary students and nurses
  • Hotel and general hospitality workers
  • Domestic workers, cleaners and kitchen hands
  • Mother’s helps and nannies
  • Students and gap year students
  • Ex-military service men and women

Anyone who does not mind getting their hands dirty and is willing to have the experience of a lifetime!

VisitOZ is your passport to a serious job with good pay and conditions – not a holiday. The holiday comes after the job when you have a pocket full of money!